Inflight Ear Pain Relief - AirDrate Rehydrating Ear Plugs to Prevent Airplane Ear - Return Journey Pack

Inflight Ear Pain Relief - AirDrate Rehydrating Ear Plugs to Prevent Airplane Ear - Return Journey Pack

for 2 flights


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Not just another ear plug! 

  • Ground breaking science stops Airplane Ear Pain
  • UK innovation from aviation and audiology experts
  • Non medicinal, clinically proven, guaranteed to work
  • Just pop in 40 minutes before landing
  • Delivery within 48hrs in the UK

In the dry air of the aircraft cabin the ear drum dehydrates and is unable to flex naturally to deal with the pressure. AirDrate Rehydrating Inflight Earplugs prevents or virtually immediately alleviates inflight ear pain by gently rehydrate the eardrum.

 Made in the UK and a UK Design Council Spark Program award winner. Clinically proven to work and registered with the UK MHRA (Medical & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency)

PRODUCT DETAILS: The return journey pack contains two pairs of AirDrate Rehydrating earplugs for two flights. Convenient to carry in your cabin bag, easy to use inflight and hygienic, just dispose of after one use. Suitable for age 10 upwards.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the innovative ground breaking solution the earplugs offer, they have a shelf life of 3 months from manufacture so please make sure you order at the correct time for your use, near to your trip date. If this is further in the future you can contact us here and tell us the date of your trip and we can send out a reminder email three weeks beforehand. 

Happy Landings!! 

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Amazing product As soon as I felt ear pain during the flight (usually 45 mins before landing) I inserted the ear plugs and pain stopped within 30 seconds. Without these earplugs my ears would hurt sooo much during every flight/landing and would feel sore/partly deaf for hours/days after EVERY flight. I can finally enjoy my holiday from the second I step off the plane rather than feel ear discomfort for hours

Judith Clegg

These really are the best ever invention for airplane ear. I have tried so many things and these fantastic ear plugs are the only thing that do as they say - or at least for me. On the outbound flight I could feel a little pressure, but definitely no pain. On the inbound flight I felt absolutely nothing. I could only tell the descent had begun due to the change in engine noise. Previously the pain and pressure started in my ears as soon as the descent began. For the first time ever I have been totally free of pain and will certainly be buying more. Highly recommended they really are the best.

Neil McIndoe

Well what can I say, I was very dubious that these would work as well as what some of the reviews indicated but I can say this is the very first holiday that I could fully enjoy. I normally spend the first day of holiday in bed with ear pain but not this time - I had no pain what so ever, I took 10ml of sudafed liquid 2 hours before flight then a spray of sudafed nasal spray on the runway, this helped me pop my ears when at altitude. I then popped in the ear plugs an hour before descent - I highly recommend these - did the same on way home with same result - I can now look forward to future flights

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