About Us

Here at AirDrate we understand how bad Airplane Ear can be. 

The intense unbearable ear pain in flight, the anxiety this causes before a flight and the spoiled holiday or work opportunities that deafness and ear pain after flying can cause. This is because we either have worked in aviation for many years and have witnessed this, have been sufferers with Airplane Ear pain ourselves, or in some cases, both! 

That's why we set out to discover the true cause of Airplane Ear and find a solution, because everyone deserves to fly anxiety and pain free. 

AirDrate Rehydrating Ear Plugs are the results of 10 years of research and development from our team of pilots, aerospace engineers, cabin crew, Airplane Ear sufferers, audiologists, scientists and product designers. 

The innovative new science we found and documented led to the patented award winning solution that is the world's only registered Medical Device solution for Airplane Ear Pain. 

AirDrate enables you to finally fly Airplane Ear pain free and look forward to holidays abroad without any anxiety around ear problems, make those plans to see long lost relatives across the world or further your career by travelling to those meetings that just need to be face to face. But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers say!