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34% of adults and 64% of children suffer from intense ear pain and other symptoms known as Airplane Ear when they fly in large pressurised aircraft. That's over 1.5 billion people on flights last year! 
This can cause passengers to suffer ear and/or sinus pain and deafness, both during the flight and for days afterwards, ruining trips away for them and others they travel with. Solutions offered until now don’t work as they don’t address the true cause of the pain.

If you suffer you may feel anxious about flying and avoiding this can mean you miss out socially or in your career. If you do fly, days of your trip away can be affected and your hearing may even end up permanently damaged. Our aviation and audiology experts here at AirDrate, discovered that the pain was caused by the eardrum dehydrating and we developed a solution that unlike many others offered actually worked - for less than £10 a flight!

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Not just another earplug - A unique clinically proven patented solution that addresses the true cause and so prevents Airplane Ear pain.

Easy and comfortable to use tried and tested solution that prevents ear pain during flight or relieves it in seconds. 

Award winning product developed by Aviation experts and scientists, partnered with the UK Design Council Spark Program.

You land ready for your meeting, fresh and raring to go!You can start your holiday the minute you get off the plane!Finally you can travel and have that family reunion anxiety and Airplane Ear pain free!
Buy AirDrate Rehydrating Earplugs ready for your flight and make sure you have them in your cabin bag so that you can look forward to your trip anxiety free. 

Open the inside film and place AirDrate Rehydrating Earplugs in ears 40 mins before descent or earlier if needed to enjoy a pain free flight.

Reach your destination with no ear pain after flying and with clear hearing ready for the day ahead!

Here at AirDrate we understand how bad Airplane Ear can be. 

The intense unbearable ear pain in flight, the anxiety this causes before a flight and the spoiled holiday or work opportunities that deafness and ear pain after flying can cause. This is because we either have worked in aviation for many years and have witnessed this, have been sufferers with Airplane Ear pain ourselves, or in some cases, both! 

That's why we set out to discover the true cause of Airplane Ear and find a solution, because everyone deserves to fly anxiety and pain free. 

AirDrate Rehydrating Ear Plugs are the results of 10 years of research and development from our team of pilots, aerospace engineers, cabin crew, Airplane Ear sufferers, audiologists, scientists and product designers. 

The innovative new science we found and documented led to the patented award winning solution that is the world's only registered Medical Device solution for Airplane Ear Pain. 

AirDrate enables you to finally fly Airplane Ear pain free and look forward to holidays abroad without any anxiety around ear problems, make those plans to see long lost relatives across the world or further your career by travelling to those meetings that just need to be face to face. But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers say!

The first time ever that I have stepped off an airplane without ear pain and deafness, thank you! 

- Louise Frequent Flyer UK

They are amazing! Pain had stopped in less than a minute!

- Lisa UK

So what is the true cause of Airplane Ear pain and how can you prevent it? 

When you fly, the pressure in the cabin changes as you take off and descend. Some human bodies can naturally deal with these pressure changes but due to how we all have unique anatomy, some cannot. The air in the cabin is a lot drier than usual and moisture cannot be added as this can cause eventual damage to the aircraft (and no one wants that!).

The eardrum can dry out and become rigid and for some it cannot flex enough to deal with the pressure changes. The pressure pushing against the eardrum causes the ear pain in flight known as Airplane Ear. The rigid eardrum can be forced against the small bones in the ear and the eardrum can then tear, causing even more intense pain and temporary or even permanent damage to hearing. 

Simply placed in the ears 40 minutes before landing or as you need, AirDrate Airplane Ear plugs comfortably and hygienically rehydrate the eardrum without adding excess moisture. The eardrum can then flex and move under pressure, completely preventing the onset of ear pain and resulting hearing loss. 

If you usually find your pain starts earlier then ideally make sure you place in the ear before the pain starts. Depending on the level of pain already felt, AirDrate Airplane Earplugs will either stop the pain completely in under 30 seconds, or prevent it from increasing and potentially damaging the eardrum.  

AirDrate is the only clinically proven patented product on the market to prevent Airplane Ear pain. 

Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, closed Bank Holidays.

Have any questions about using AirDrate Rehydrating earplugs? 

Check out our FAQs, otherwise contact us: 

01635 224264 to speak to a human Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.
Please leave a message if busy and you would like us to get back to you. 
Email us here or message us at 
We respond usually within 1 hr within business hours, outside hours maximum 24 hrs. 
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AirDrate, 89E Greenham Business Park, Thatcham, RG19 6HN