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34% of adults and 64% of children suffer from intense ear pain and other symptoms known as Airplane Ear when they fly in large pressurised aircraft. That's over 1.5 billion people on flights last year! 
This can cause passengers to suffer ear and/or sinus pain and deafness, both during the flight and for days afterwards, ruining trips away for them and others they travel with. Solutions offered until now don’t work as they don’t address the true cause of the pain.

If you suffer you may feel anxious about flying and avoiding this can mean you miss out socially or in your career. If you do fly, days of your trip away can be affected and your hearing may even end up permanently damaged. Our aviation and audiology experts here at AirDrate, discovered that the pain was caused by the eardrum dehydrating and we developed a solution that unlike many others offered actually worked - for less than £10 a flight!

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