Science Stuff - How AirDrate Works

So what is the true cause of Airplane Ear pain and how can you prevent it? 

When you fly, the pressure in the cabin changes as you take off and descend. Some human bodies can naturally deal with these pressure changes but due to how we all have unique anatomy, some cannot. The air in the cabin is a lot drier than usual and moisture cannot be added as this can cause eventual damage to the aircraft (and no one wants that!).

The eardrum can dry out and become rigid and for some it cannot flex enough to deal with the pressure changes. The pressure pushing against the eardrum causes the ear pain in flight known as Airplane Ear. The rigid eardrum can be forced against the small bones in the ear and the eardrum can then tear, causing even more intense pain and temporary or even permanent damage to hearing. 

Simply placed in the ears 40 minutes before landing or as you need, AirDrate Airplane Ear plugs comfortably and hygienically rehydrate the eardrum without adding excess moisture. The eardrum can then flex and move under pressure, completely preventing the onset of ear pain and resulting hearing loss. 

If you usually find your pain starts earlier then ideally make sure you place in the ear before the pain starts. Depending on the level of pain already felt, AirDrate Airplane Earplugs will either stop the pain completely in under 30 seconds, or prevent it from increasing and potentially damaging the eardrum.  

AirDrate is the only clinically proven patented product on the market to prevent Airplane Ear pain.